Saturday, May 1, 2010

Pizza and Yo Yo Ma

     So here's the deal...we put an offer on a house on this last saturday (we were sort of forced to earlier than planned, the house we loved most was on the market already for 100+ days and it was also the last property I saw in Utah. Right before leaving, I had found out that someone had put an offer in that day so we scrambled to put one together) Then the owner came back and asked for our 'best offer' by noon on Tuesday, so we presented them with an "offer they couldn't refuse" (said in an inner city chicago italian accent) and low and behold they took our offer by that evening. AND I am so excited that I dream about the house every night and where I am going to put everything. 
Kind of obsessive, 
but can you blame me after no home to really call my own these last 3 yrs?! 
So here is the lil' (or not so little) beauty; 3100 sq ft, 5 bed 3 bath 1/4 acre lot complete with fruit trees and a starter garden. Could you ask for anything more?!

The rest of my week of course was spent in additional craziness, since we are out of state I had to hurry and send out the earnest money, order the home inspection, and get the rest of the loan process going... SO, on thursday I ended up on the phone with our new mortgage broker working on a new app, worth it since they could lock in our VA loan already for 4.85% YAHOO! Anyway, the kids were climbing the walls with, I don't know, boredom? As I had been on the phone and computer gathering information for several hours that afternoon. We ran to the park for a couple hours to blow steam, but ended up getting scorched in the 92^ weather that day, and additionally ran late for dinner. That's when order out pizza comes in handy. And hey, it was time to celebrate anyway! So the hubs grabbed Domino's on the way home from work, we all met up to grub, and just to keep things classy...I had some Yo Yo Ma for the background. Some days that is all you need. And if it takes a borrowed library item to accomplish a little peace and sanity after a long day... then so be it! Don't worry, I won't let you down tomorrow though... Since this is a food blog I will be sure to have more for you than rushed meals and pizza on the go. 

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  1. Shut up! Fruit trees AND a starter garden?! I can't wait to see WHAT you come up with!

    ...oh and lookie! I CAN comment!!!


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