Monday, May 17, 2010

Kale Krazy?

Kale Krazy: Roasty Toasty Roughage

Yup you better believe it.
Kale is the hot delicious and actually I should restate it as "so fresh and so clean clean" ingredient of the week. Check out this guys take on roasting kale. Now I'm a believer too. My fav healthy foodie Dr. G seriously recommends this way of toasting up the often overlooked vegg, but I was unwilling to negotiate my love (or should I say lack of love) for this bitter green. Except in a good turkey meatball soup. Yum-e. Otherwise...forget it. This week however, I am determined to make you all lovers, not fighters of the kale movement. All starting today. It is a good day after-all.

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