Sunday, May 16, 2010

Beanie Brownies

     Hey all! I have a confession. Too often my food choices (or lack there of) parallel my life. Thus the break for too many extra days. What can you do though?! I had much on the plate with the kiddos, and an almost complete fall out of our offer on the house. Long story really. Plus I am not one of those that have really been able to configure regular let alone daily entries into the racket of my life. Perhaps I will be able to work it when I have a back yard to throw kids in. Then again, I will have just had #4 for, so maybe not. Either way, this is one of my ultimate favorite uses of beans. This is basically like one of the recipes that Weight Watchers recommends. So easy, and  GREAT way to cut calories, increase fiber etc.

     Beanie Brownies
     1 box Brownie Mix (for the 9 x13 inch pans)
     1 14 - 15 oz can Black Beans

Open the can of beans, drain them (and rinse if you can) Return beans to can, cover to top with water and then place in a blender (like Gary!) and puree all the heck out of 'em. Mix puree with brownie mix and place in a lightly sprayed baking dish. The baking time and temp are pretty much the same. 
Viole! Brownies with only about 2.5 grams of fat, 130 calories, and even 1 gram of fiber!

Tip 8 billion 27 thousand 3 hundred and 2;
Replace just 3 meals a week with beans or other high protein no meat dishes and save about $25 a week! (according to MSN's 20 Basic Ways to Save on a Shoestring) 

P.S. That's $1200 a year!!!


  1. Oh I hope you're still getting the crazy. Do you know what you're having yet? Hope things have calmed down a little. You're awesome, Beth! You deserve the best!

  2. Good luck with the house and the sick kids and the hot weather, it all sounds like so much fun! I am NOT a fan of black beans and kind of cringe when you put up recipes with them, but this one I might actually try!

  3. DO it catherine! For the love of brownies, Do it!


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