Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Kitchen Obsessed

     I think I have officially joined the crowds of 'country' or 'farm' decor enthusiasts. At least when it comes to my kitchen. Now that I have a house to dream about, I not only dream of my future kitchen plans, but obsess over them. Most of my waking computer moments have been spent in researching the perfect farm kitchen. Here are a few that come close...*sigh* someday I will get one too!
Perfect for ease and creativity when it comes to meals ideas and preparation. If only I could talk the hubs into realizing what a fine investment that 20k would be!

or how about this snazzy little number?!

sensing a theme yet? I like REALLY like white open cupboards, some comfy cottage fixtures but with a contemporary feel (like that? I have been practicing all day!)

Yup it's all about the kitchen right now. And sinks? You better forget it. Who fantasizes over a sink...

I actually get tingly all over when I see some of these...

Even the all copper one is exciting!

And what could be better than fabulous farmhouse sink? 

Try 2 fabulous farmhouse kitchen sinks! 
Yup. I am a goner. 
Will keep you posted as I keep obsessing. And waiting. And waiting. And waiting...


  1. Me likey! It looks calm and comfortable...homey and creative...useful and full of life.


  2. I really like the first one! I dream about personalizing my own kitchen someday, too! It would be wonderful. I hope you wish comes true:)

  3. Yup, my favorite is the first one too. I also obsess over bathrooms, in fact I have a notebook where I paste pictures of kitchens and bathrooms I like from magazines. I can't pass a remodeling magazine at the checkout stand without buying it! Not too sure yet when I'll get to use my ideas, but when I do I'll be all ready!


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