Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Times and Seasons; My New Years Resolution

(Hey guys! I found this draft in my postings and thought I would finish it. This was after I was sick AGAIN after my youngest so far was born, this time with bronchitis and the flu. I think it was my “Motivation Proclamation” of sorts. Whatever it was, I decided to add a few Resolutions. Maybe some of you have felt this way before?! Welcome to a New Year Right?!)

     With the New Year having swiftly arrived and consequently up-rooting all my best laid plans for delicious holiday postings and anecdotes, I am starting afresh. Forget that for the last week and a half we have survived on breakfast cereal, ramen, and drink mix powder for extra vitamin c (and convenience). Set aside  the fact that even with an exciting new kitchen appliance, the concept of using it regularly still seems to evade me and my floors are no better off than they were before the arrival of such a fancy doohickey steamer cleaner contraption... (which is now beginning to gather dust in the corner). And let’s not even go anywhere near discussing the lack of new and innovative (and perhaps I should also add “healthier”) family dinners I am normally so inclined to make. If I told you what was in my cupboards right now I am sure you would be shocked and appalled. That, or you would just smile, nod, and get that faraway look in your eye as you recall all the luscious delicacies (and maybe a few in-decentcies!) you enjoyed over the holidays and how some of those yummy morsels may still yet remain in your own pantry with closer inspection. Call this “The Allegory and the Oddity”; a little slice of my life, briefly illustrating where continuous and somewhat monotonous daily occurrences have left me feeling that somewhere I have need for predictable reform and that with a few feverish long winded run-on sentences, a feeble attempt to reclaim some of what was lost in last years hulabaloo can be redeemed.
     Well, just maybe.

~ Kids are only young once, a popsicle in the middle of the day never hurt nobody (as long as it is an all natural fruit pop made without red40 and high fructose corn syrup)
~ Breakfast cereal w/milk, and juice to drink sometimes DO constitute a well balanced dinner, and I will not get on myself if that happens every so often
~ Going out to dinner is NOT a sin. Unless it’s Taco Bell. Enough said.
~ Although bathrooms do not clean themselves, kids CAN learn to help with them, and I will not stress about a little pee on the seat with 4 boys living at home. And a dad. And I will not stress about it. I will not. I will not. I will not. (3 times is the charm by the way!)
~ Some food really IS yummy-er with oil. And butter. Mmmmm. (I will still include recipes with grapeseed oil and coconut oil and all the latest new health raves I promise, but butter really just does work sometimes, and hey, kids need the fat for growing brains right? Right?!)
~ Pajamas are still ok before noon. Maybe for those of you out there without children, you still do this. I don’t know how all of a sudden it’s some kind of “No-NO” considering even before kids I would laze around in them and didn’t feel self conscience, but I won’t let it get to me any more, after all I have a baby still! And no, I am not talking myself into this!
~ I will try ONE new food every month. That may not sound like much, but honestly I have tasted much of what is out there, so I am going to have to get creative on this one, and go out of my comfort zone!
~ I will teach each one of my boys this year how to make ONE food from start to finish. I really don’t want to have that boy... who grows up to be a man... who can’t find the toaster. Even if it is just toast for the 3 year old. We can do it, and I will include them on my adventure.
~ Smoothies ROCK. All those lovely veggie, kale, green ones I have talked about? Yea. Won’t live without ‘em now!
~ Peace in the world starts at home. Cliche? Perhaps. But one small step for a family will affect generations to come, and all those around them too. I want to find Peace this year, amidst all the financial, political, social, economical, and YES even eating trouble out there. And offer a little humor and fun while I do.
     So Here Goes...

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