Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New Kitchen

Hey there all! So I finally downloaded some of my kitchen pictures and thought I’d share. Maybe some of you remember that we did some serious remodeling when we first moved in. If you would indulge me for just a brief moment of  “All About Me... And My Kitchen” 

Check out the first pict,
The decor etc was not mine as this is a walk through photo but you get the idea. Notice the drop down ceiling too... 90’s anyone? Now AFTER...

Yeah Yeah! How ‘bout it?! Or how ‘bout a view of my super awesome new range, complete with center pancake griddle and some cutsie farm decor to boot?!

Or maybe my sweet new stainless steel fridge?

Oh Oh! How ‘bout a comparison of sinks?! Ready? Hold on kids...


... And After!
See the peach tree (sort of dead looking but hey) in the background there too? Yup, those peaches made for some serious awesome jam this last summer too!

And although it wasn’t an apron front sink, I did get a pretty awesome deep one, complete with       sexy faucet!   

And last but not least, a brief view of the adjacent dining room. This is the right side of the room, across from the counter top bar area.

And After!
Okay fine, so its not the best shot, but those windows let in tons of light and views!

I am so glad the majority of the remodeling is over. If you are about to embark on a journey like this, or if you are in the middle of one, don’t be afraid, it is SO worth it in the end!
Thanks for letting me share!


  1. AHHH why is Google Reader just now telling me you have been blogging again! And OHHH fun house tour!!! LOVE the new kitchen!!! I am about to host a Home Tour on my blog, you'll have to join in!! :) We re-did our kitchen in 2006...and we already want to upgrade it again! haha!

  2. thanks guys! April, I so enjoy your feedback! All hail to new kitchens!


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