Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Even More Busy Days to Come

     It is already tuesday, can you believe it? And we now have no couch. I know, that is a random little piece of information. It just adds to the overall reality of what life is really like right now trying to move for the upteenth time. Meals at our house right now are definitely back to the home cooked staples that get you through the crazy times. In other words, nothing new and no new experiments (which the kids and I am sure hubby are grateful for) but isn’t that what makes a family so great? Think back on all your own years of eating in someone else’s home and lets take a trip down memory lane. Post a favorite food or quick recipe from your youth that reminds you of family get togethers, holidays, or even just summer... (to fit the season we are in). 
     Mine? Fruit salad. It was always a special treat (honestly) to afford all the different fruit that goes into making a really good one. We would do it for dessert every once in a while, or if we were really lucky, breakfast with some amazing homemade bread, muffins, or even cinnamon rolls. Can’t beat that even if you tried, in my opinion. The best way to serve it? A sweet splash of fresh lemon and tablespoon of sugar to really get those sugars going. Or better yet, some whip cream. Try it tonight, and feel free to share your favorites this week!

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