Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Another Busy Day

     And not too many successful recipes either unfortunately! At the very least, they were filling and semi-nutritious...but I will have to work on some flavor kinks (a chicken spaghetti pie that didn’t turn out as fabulous as I thought, and a simple bean chili to top a potato saute, which was good but relatively boring....) Anyhow. Life goes on. Yesterday being a most productive day, in terms of finding plenty of busy activities for the kids to spare my sanity, ended in a most eventful and surprising way. I thought I would share because, well, you have to laugh so you don’t cry right?!  
So, in case you can’t tell the details middle son had to fall asleep on our bed since they (meaning my two oldest boys) were playing so much at bedtime. Apparently there was a brand new bottle of baby powder in close vicinity to him while he was settling down get the picture! Let’s just say that the entire bedroom was covered! He came up looking like a little white snowflake...and some of the bedding (including his jammies) would just not recover with out being taken off and washed! I love it. We even filmed it, just so we wouldn’t "take it out" on him...
he was just curious right?! 


  1. Hi! I was introduced to your blog through my friend April at 2 Slicks. Its amazing that kids can have fun with just about anything..... though the after affect isn't that much fun for parents. Glad you could laugh about it!!!

  2. That's how I like to fall asleep, covered in baby powder, you've never tried it?!? Haha, you do just have to laugh sometimes!


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