Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Most Amazing Coconut Cake EVER

       Yup my poor 5 yr old had 2 cakes for his birthday this year. I couldn't help myself, the pictures looked too good! And I made it all from scratch, including the fresh coconut... (I even got to pound it with a nail and get all that good coconut water AND roast it and the flesh for the topping!) All and all, it was a very exciting venture. I have included the recipe link to (the magazine) for this fantastico but very time consuming cake and it was quite worth it, although do NOT refrigerate with the coconut on all ready, that seemed to make it (the coconut) a little tough. Enjoy when you get the time and chance... The bigger beauty here is that this newer health conscience recipe cuts calories from 622 to 332, fat from 38.5 to 10.8 and sat fat from 19.5 to 7.5 per serving compared to the old ways, so you don't even have to take a dive nutritionally! And it was tasty too...
                                                        Cooking Light's Coconut Cake


  1. I wish I liked coconut, cause that looks faaaannntastic.

  2. Obviously the "word captcha" box for leaving comments thinks it looks fantastic too...cause my captcha word was "fantas."

    See it likes it so much it couldn't even finish saying the word.



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