Tuesday, March 9, 2010

All About Quinoa (AND Sweet Bell Peppers)

I just wrote the most AMAZING article full of all kinds of AMAZING research on this subject, in fact, it was sure to AMAZE you all. However, because this is the story of my life, and I just spent an hour writing the post, its 9pm AND I just accidentally deleted one line that turned into a WHOLE article (and then it inconveniently saved) AND the fact that I was already tired and am even more so now, I can do nothing else but laugh, cry, and try again tomorrow. If I am brave enough.

Welcome to my life. 

Maybe technology isn't the greatest for people like me after-all. *sigh*


  1. P.S. My sister graciously informed me that I could just have pressed control "Z" or something and it would have all "undone" the only problem with that in case any of you are wondering is that only works on a PC (and since this is a MAC and a blog, I am basically screwed, again!)

  2. HEY!! I've done that!!!
    oh how deflating it is....
    but I will be patiently awaiting your quinoa post, a staple in Peru I am familiar with.


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