Monday, February 8, 2010

Decisions Decisions Decisions

    Whew, and what a weekend too! So I haven't been on lately to grace you with my most recent exploits in healthy cooking or soap-box diatribes in child rearing or how one should run their family. I guess I figured I would give you a break for a while, that, and when I am coming up on big decisions or lots of family concerns I tend to close up a little. Well, at least I try to. Not many days can go by without me finding something I just need to say or share my opinion about. Ask my husband, silent treatment does not last long around here. Since I think I am always right, my purposes are served much better by stating the fact that I am right vs. quietly living it! Oh well, a fault, and hopefully a blessing I will learn to develop over time. Suffice it to say, this is a busy time for our family. We went out of town and up to Oakland for most of the weekend to visit with some family. While there, we were given the opportunity to attend a temple for our church without our children and spend some time reflecting on our current choices, life direction, family needs (you know, the little stuff!) We felt strongly that the time has come to settle down more. I know, how much more settled can I get right? I mean I got married, started having children, and never did quite get that amazing high powered business career or ultra impressive specialist doctorate. NO, the settling I am referring to is the "no moving" for anything less than 2 years kind of settling. Since my hubby is in the military, this seemed like a reasonable goal, as he has four different places to attend for training this year alone, not including Utah where we are supposed to end up temporarily while he finishes his training. The original plan was to follow him around, live a little more ghetto style (anyone who has done this recently knows what I mean, and when you have kids, bringing only the very bare necessities in the back of a 8 x 8 trailer definitely constitutes as ghetto in my book, complete with cheap apartments and steering wheel club locks, yeah you remember those, while you hope your car doesn't get stolen!) The current plan (and this is also not including all the in betweens we have been to and back, our parents got to hear all of those schemes day in and day out for the last 3 weeks!) is to head up to Utah right after the hubs graduation here from language school, visit with family and get help with little ones while we search for a house. If we find one, then we start the buying process. The hubs goes on to Texas for the first part of training, and we hang around leeching off family in Utah, Denver, and the like while we wait for the house to close. Doesn't seem like much of a big deal now looking back, but there were a lot of sleepless nights over needlessly separating our family, how to use our money, and what would be best for the rugrats. We seem to have made it, at least to a decision point and although all the little steps, worries, and concerns are not yet ironed out, we have the faith to go forward and act now. A big leap from two crippling weeks ago (or even two crippling days ago!) And while there was not much by way of creative cooking this weekend, I have a couple of comfort food favorite recipes I will share with you. Enjoy, and be prepared for a potentially adventurous (or not!) next couple of weeks as we pack, vacation, and start a new segment of our life!

     Easy Chicken Saute

5-8 frozen chicken tenderloins (or more depending on number of people eating)
2 cups chopped veggies of choice (for example carrots, potatoes, butternut squash, sweet potato, beets, zucchini, green beans; usually the kind that you would roast)
1/2 -1 diced onion
2-3 Tbsp olive oil for the pan
favorite seasonings

Heat the olive oil in a large saute pan. Add chicken tenders, and all veggies on top. Season with favorite seasoning (we really like the Mrs. Dash Italian or Garlic and Herb blend) salt and pepper etc. Cover, and check every 3 minutes or so turning chicken and giving vegetables time on the bottom too. Dish is done when chicken is no longer pink in the center and veggies are tender, usually about 15 min. Serve with a green salad.

     Sweet and Sour Pork 
(I realized this was more originally one of my hubby's brother's recipes, so I am going to check with him to make sure I can share our version of it, check back soon!)


  1. Love your adventures! Keep going strong!

  2. You are ALWAYS right Beth...when you include the Lord, and since you do, that should make you right all the time...hehe You are amazing!! You have me on pins and needles waiting for your next entry. I can hardly wait to try the Easy Chicken Saute...thanks for sharing. I love you!!

  3. That must be a nice feeling to know you'll be settling down for awhile, even if things will be a little crazy up until then.

  4. the recipe sounds delish...and the traveling makes me tired...I am sure God will take care of it all..somehow. He always does!


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