Monday, May 9, 2011

No Really, I AM funny

     As I contemplate the proceedings of this day, I realize that I just may not survive 4 boys for the next 18+ years until they are gone. I am pretty sure that I am not only a “soccer mom”, but literally the referee too. The coach, the boss, the warden, peacekeeper (at least the attempt thereof) and not to sound redundant, but the nurse, headwife, and as Milly from 7 Brides for 7 Brothers so eloquently stated, “Your cook n’ clean”! Yup. A mom’s work is never done. (Shout out to all you mom’s out there, future mom’s, wannabes or non-wannabes, you “perhaps someday in my future when the car is paid off” and even the “Um, not sure” types. Oh yes, and to my own mother and mother in law, the queens of operation multi-talented interchanger of various head pieces... i.e. hats.)
     Why its only 7:30 and my kids are in bed, totally scrubbed, fed, brushed, cleaned etc. I should be proud of this historic moment! Only... it came about for the wrong reasons. You see, apparently I should go out for stand up comedy. Thats right! You have now come in contact with a very funny woman. SO funny in fact, that her kids constantly laugh so joyously everyday at all the wonderfully funny things she does. You know, that funny ha ha ha laugh that comes from loosing all your toys today from throwing them for the ump-teenth time at your now not so innocent 3 year old brother, who can actually lob a scimitar farther then you ever even dreamed of. Or how ‘bout that knee slapper of a joke “Okay get down from the table now that you have officially turned it into what better resembles a feeding trough and spit out every attempted bite of painstakingly homemade tamale pie.” Oh wait,  I’ve got another good one! Like the ever classic, “Go down to the basement to run around and get your wiggles out before a fun-filled family activity” (it is our monday family activity night after all) and not even 10 minutes later to I hear the cries again of that poor little not-so innocent 3 year old trudging up the stairs, totally soaked (dripping even) because his brothers found that spitting water from the water fountain all over the downstairs and each other was far more fun than an actual project, not to mention the early bedtime to boot. Yup, I am a hoot! All this was accomplished with so many giggles and silly shared grins that who could wonder at the early bedtime, canceled activity time, and the total and utter disbelief that I may not make it to the end of this? Maybe Billy Cosby was right, I’m pretty sure I heard my kids saying “Dear little man, you do not understand, we cannot go to bed unless we’ve had our beatings!” All in a days work might I add, all in a days work. And if any of you were wondering about the tamale pie? Ehh, not enough tamale if you ask me.

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  1. I love when you post stuff like this that makes you sound like a normal person, not just super mom! I hope that came out right and doesn't sound offensive.


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