Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ode to a Blender

Although our relationship is still in it's infancy, I feel that it is time to take things to the next level with a tribute to my newest love in kitchen appliances. My Blender.
Oh no, this is not just any utilitarian romance sweetened by the pungent smell of morning smoothie bliss, this is an everlasting love that binds much more to a hungry belly than a simple frappe or sauce mixture. Ever heard of the Vita-Mix? Well this puppy I would venture to say puts it to shame! Just my opinion of course. Between price (majorly cost effective) and little things like proper "counter to cupboard height" "no gears or belts" and "easy to clean" (yeah I bought into the entire sales pitch gimmick) this Blendtec Total Blender has become a new and fast favorite in our house.
Little does my husband know how often we meet for private interludes as well, especially since ice cream is a favorite of mine and well, let's just say Gary can do it in 45 seconds. (Try the included strawberry ice cream recipe, even frozen strawberries bring frozen bliss to a new level)
Included you will find a photo of Gary. If any of you have one already, enjoy the most recent family recipe favorite. Otherwise, see the revision at the bottom for easy regular blender and home preparation. Hey, if my kids scarf almost an entire serving in one sitting, there must be something good about it! Note that the apples are only cored, leaving peels intact AND that the sauce is cooked minimally, leaving you with enzyme rich and fiber soluble applesauce.
P.S. When warm and freshly made with a pinch of cinnamon this is no lies like eating a dessert, you can even fool your sweet tooth in to thinking you just cheated your calorie intake for the day!

                                         2 large apples of choice (most recent fav's included any combo granny smith, fuji, honey crisp, golden delicious)
                                         Pinch Cinnamon if desired
                                         1/4 c. natural apple juice (approximate, water works fine too)
                                         Pinch natural sweetner if desired (current fav. is agave)

Core the apples and cut into 1/8's (those corer slicers work fabulous for this part)
Put all ingredients into blender, close lid and use the soup function (this works the best because it helps to break down all the peel and apple itself leaving the applesauce "cooked" but not cleaned out of nutrients.
                                         Options; use a vitamix, or steamer first then regular blender later (just might take a little more blender work) OR add different fruit/veggie combos for new flavors. More personal favorites are to add 1 carrot to the apple mix OR sub out a nice Bartlett or D'anjou Pear for one of the apples, super Yum!
     P.P.S. Here is the website incase any of you want to research a little more on the blender, there will be more suggestions and recipes for Gary to come!


  1. does this blender cook the apples before finishing the process? WOW!

  2. Thanks for letting me know about your blog Elizabeth! I have added you to my blog list and look forward to reading and trying your recipes!

  3. yum! Although I may have to stick to my regular old blender if the price I saw on the website is right....
    Can't wait for more recipes!!

  4. Well...this certainly has me craving a smoothie. *thanks for that, not real sure how to get one on my desk at work...hmmmm*

  5. You know BlendTec is the same kind of blender that Jamba juice uses! I used to work for the then called Zuka Juice. I love the blendtec and someday I will convince my hubby to buy me one too! (He probably knows I would meet secretly with it to make my own beautiful smoothies!)

  6. I saw a demonstration for vitamix and I thought it was so cool, although I don't like the taste of apples that haven't been peeled. I haven't bought one yet, but maybe I'll look into the blendtec too. Thanks!


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