Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Insanity is Not Just a State of Mind...

...It’s also a definition. And according to Miriam Webster, it is considered extreme folly or unreasonableness b : something utterly foolish or unreasonable. For me, that would be blogging. Why? Because I have refused for so long to write daily, weekly or even monthly for that matter about anything related to my life. Not only would it be cliche but time consuming and at best slightly depressing when I realize that I am really not much of a writer and that no one would want to read it.

For years my mother (thanks a lot mom!) has told me to write my stories down, but keeping a diary is for sissy girls in 5th grade with poofy pink skirts and pig tails that you find of in the corner of some playground somewhere swapping notebooks and still giggling about Timmy Sutherland’s new haircut and his flashy smile at Deeana earlier that morning (p.s. I may or may not have been one of them). Not busy moms who have just a teency weency obsession with food. No not just any food, the good kind; good tasting AND good for you. I realized this week just how bad it has gotten when I went to the grocery store one evening after dinner to “escape” my flu-ridden children. After my 45 min of (quiet) food shopping bliss, I decided to continue my escapade with a trip the the vitamin store where I proceeded to spend not only the same amount of time, but money in procuring 4 measly supplements for my morning smoothie. And you better believe it was worth it (no my husband does not realize how much it cost yet!)
So whats a girl/mom to do? I could keep ignoring the promptings and pretend like food is merely a necessary evil to be choked down after it has been poached, fried, baked, or smothered to death (so what if my friends dutifully laugh at a few jokes and re-told comical moments from my super charged life. So what if the fact that I really do want to learn how to make my own goat’s milk one day...from my own goat really could present a “funny” set of self reliant circumstances. So what if mom thinks my posterity might like to hear a thing or two about my life, told in my own voice).
Then it hit me, I have been writing my blog entries for months now, if not years! Because of my quest for tasty dishes and thrifty yet relatively easy ways to accomplish healthful cooking, I have been through diets, supplements, nutrition concepts and back. AND, my genuine giving nature truly wants to impart my knowledge/learning/experimenting on to the rest of the world, so without further ado and perhaps a healthy dose of temporary insanity, I present the Chronicles of Food Mania; cooking healthy for a family of 5 on a reasonable budget.


  1. Younger children do not always like the texue of foods, or will often turn from trying new foods because of the way it looks. What have you found successful? Good for you food is not always what our children will try, including the spouse! ;) Like to know how successful you've been at your home, getting them to try or step out into that deep ocean!!!

  2. I'm super excited and happy you are doing this!! :)

  3. Oh I am super excited about all this...while cooking healthy is a new concept for me...*as I was raised in a Southern woman's kitchen...think Paula Dean...ehhh...fried chicken much?!* I am super ready for some great dishes to try...so DISH it out! (I can take it!) :P


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