Tuesday, August 23, 2011

When your head feels like it will explode...

     Sorry, you didn’t think I actually had a remedy for that did you?! Well, I don’t. Nope. Nada. Unless you count chocolate, or running (and that latter is my personal UN-favorite of the two). I think this is why I had never wanted to start blogging, I feel guilty when I don’t post and then I don’t post ‘cuz I feel guilty, its  a vicious cycle really! Sometimes I don’t post either because I can’t even begin to put down on paper (or internet or whatever) what has been going on in my head. I keep saying this "eat whats best when you can" thing is how I roll, which it is, but it leaves lots of time each day for me to fill with the not so healthy too.

     And quite frankly, I still find that there is SO much out there when it comes to some new scientific study or new food philosophy that not only can I NOT keep up, but don’t care to! And then I feel guilty for that too. I mean, who the heck writes a food blog on healthy eating and then goes on strike because they don’t really want to make the changes? Maybe its because the more I read and find out, the more I realize I don’t even begin to know. Maybe its just that I don’t really want to do the work, haven’t I made enough changes?! Ha! Is there ever enough? Maybe its a little splash too of, "yeah forget that junk‘cuz when I go to Italy ain’t no way I am going to deny myself new taste experiences because I forgot to eat my spinach today. (Yes that is the way I talk, anybody who knows me can vouch for that! This whole senario may be a little hypothetical into the future, but we eat all kinds of different foods here on a regular basis and some may not be in the Mucos-less diet definition of super nutrient and enzyme rich ingredients, but they sure taste great and give my kids more to explore, by way of palate that is!) I also find that between the daily drama that seems to unfold and cramming dinner into a 1hr start to finish block including chores, cleanup, and bedtime routine if I can swing it, I am plum out of energy to go on some flashback discourse of my not so glamourous life! I still can’t get the image out of my head today of my youngest screaming in the kitchen because I was gone for 10 sec. and he managed to empty the recycle bin and get right to the pineapple can (all the way at the bottom of the bin mind you) and serrate his two fingers, complete with a nice little bloody pineapple juice puddle to make the memory that much more lasting! Not to mention that literally 2 min later I had to go in for major surgery because the 3 yr. old thought it was funny to drive his moving Percy train in his hair and it got stuck... (he’s the one with all the curls, imagine that!) And this wasn’t including the "out the door antics" that nearly made us late for the 2nd day in a row trying to get back to school schedules down. Oh yeah, and where do I even begin to write about my adventures in food storage and couponing to the point that I either want to cry for joy over that whole 36$ saved at the checkout counter in the commissary on base, or cry for shear exhaustion from the 2 stupid hours it took to actually accomplish that, plus all the clean ups on aisle 3 that were unceasing since my little man can sweep a whole shelf clean in under 2.2 seconds. Yep. A food blog seems to be the understatement of the century right now! Ah well. Maybe I should re-vamp my main goals here; It’s not about the end result, but the journey through life that I am living vicariously through food!

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