Sunday, March 6, 2011

Boys and Puppies Really Are the Same

     Trust me on this one. I have first hand experience, daily! For all who are interested, I am currently running a household of 4 sons, an in and out sister, 7 dogs, and an absent husband... (well at least for the next 2 weeks). So life gets crazy. My little chi had puppies 5 weeks ago, 6 of them. And let me tell you, the similarities are scary. Potty cleanup is constant. The second these little guys wake up or walk out of their kennel, or eat for that matter they have to go to the bathroom! Sounds a lot like my dinner table. “Oh mom did you call me?” or “Oh mom, was I supposed to eat now? And sit still and have manners? And not talk, laugh, giggle, or reenact any number or variety of body functions?” “Oh, you mean I have to stay at the table to eat? Isn’t ‘Come to Dinner’ synonymous with ‘Time to go Potty’?” Yeah the list goes on. 
Or how about this, maybe some of you can relate? Gary is super handy right now, because lets just say we are getting good use out of him. Between puppies who can’t quite chew food and little boys who don’t like chunky soup, chili, or veggies, I get Gary’s help in pulverizing the life out of their little mini meals and smoothies. The pups like it, and so do the kids. Comes in handy too with food prep engagement... A necessary evil when dinner is running late and your 4 year old is still wailing about how the almost 3 year old chased him down the hall again with a butterknife. Oh, and let’s not forget the nightly ritual of “Mom, I am SO hungry, when is dinner going to be done?” Also sounds like my pups... Only one boy dog (thank heavens) but all he does is pounce all day on the other 5 sweet little girls. I bet you can hear the shrieks down the street, they sure are beginning to wake me at night! Today however, the joys have far out weighed the work. The puppies were a blast in the kitchen as they ran amok looking for anything fun to chew or pee on, and the boys simply loved every minute of it. They just sat on the floor in puppy love-land! I am even getting some help with kennel cleaning and feeding time (something which occupies both the puppies, and my boys!) And most importantly, after a fun filled evening of popcorn and a movie, I got to hear those ever satisfying words of “I love you mom, you’re the best!” 
Thank you, my blessed boys. 

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  1. Have I mentioned before how much I love reading your blog? While a little tiring, I'm sure, it sounds so entertaining! It sounds like you're a great mom and housewife and I wish we lived closer so you could tell me all your wisdome in person!


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