Monday, September 6, 2010

My Fab Find of the Week

     Actually, this isn’t even my find at all, once again my nutrition oriented mother-in-law health guru sent this on to me. And I wasn’t even going to watch it...but I did. Perhaps out of shear boredom, or curiosity! Either way, I am sooo glad that I took those precious 4 and 1/2 minutes out of my day to be reminded of why health and nutrition is so important to me (tiny overtones of sarcasm here). Obviously I am not fully committed like the folks in this little clip, maybe I should be though as I did have a scare or two with some of the gestational diabetes tests that were required at one point in this pregnancy. I felt a little fire ignite again my passion for helping people, showing them a different way to eat and live healthy doing it. Enough passion that maybe I will forgo second helpings at dinner, or that leftover double chocolate brownie in the freezer I couldn’t help but notice today when I was scanning the frozen shelves for some miraculous meal idea to hit me. And maybe it will inspire you too. Tell me your foodie it a crock? Can this type of an eating reality be reached? Lend me your words, and maybe we’ll experiment together... Reverse Diabetes in 30 Days

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