Sunday, April 4, 2010

I Am Back to Reality

     Well not quite see, tomorrow (Monday, April 5th) will be my first day by myself with the kiddos (in a new place again no less) in well over a month and 1/2. I am SO excited. Especially because I just pulled a 13 hour and 16.7 minutes (ya each one counts!) drive also BY MYSELF from Denver to Texas on thursday. (P.S. Eat THAT if you can!) When we got here, my hubs had just moved into our new (meaning it was a new place for us to live) fabulous 2 bedroom 1960's cozy but dank apartment, complete with 2 pans for cooking, and water that still tastes questionable even after it has been filtered.
     Yup, life is going to be interesting, and I am looking forward to the adventure of it all. Why? Because I am sick. Because we just had to be together as a family, and because I like a challenge. Some people take on normal things, you know...volunteering at their kids school, joining the PTA, coaching little Johnny's T-ball team, an extra late shift, whatever. Not me. I am only satisfied with constant change, up-rooting my family, cooking on a hot plate and writing an entire food blog while doing it (ok so I may not have one yet but have been considering getting one just to complete the overall atmosphere, and again, the challenge of it all!) and even taking on potty training and minor personalized preschool for my other kiddos.
     All of this in 2-3 months, because once June hits, who knows for sure where we will be! It doesn't matter though, it will be another adventure, another opportunity to grow, another notch on by belt of moves and crazy moments that my kids and I will hopefully get to look back at and laugh...fondly at of course! Yes, my dreams for the simple life were realized much sooner than I had anticipated, and I hope I can capture these moments effectively and pass them on to you, if only for a laugh. At least we were able to find a couch and cheapo dining table yesterday, so I know I am really ready now!
     Stay tuned for more adventures!


  1. All I can do is applaud! You are one amazing woman. That is a lot of changes and challenges. Hang in there--we sure love you and think you're awesome. Best of luck in Texas...

  2. I love your outlook on it, I would hope I'd be the same in a similar situation! I can't wait to hear all about it!


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